The afternoon sun is raking across the outdoor tables at Café Paloma. We pause to taste the sirah wine as an endless variety of small dishes called meze emerge from the kitchen. The meze is a kind of hors d’oeuvres that allows you to sample the unique talent of chef/owner Sedat Uysal. Although the sophistication and presentation of the meze may vary with the restaurant, the concept is best described as an inventive appetizer that always leaves you wanting more. The meze can be grouped to create a buffet or they can provide an introduction to the entrée. We share one and then another as we explore what Sedat calls his Meze Nights.

Smoked salmon, sliced pear with goat cheese, bite sized boreks, stuffed black mussels, hand wrapped dolmas filled with a mixture of rice, onions, currants and pine nuts, lamb kebap, fresh hummus with toasted pita bread, grilled marinated baby eggplants, havuc salata (carrot salad), babaghahuj köfte, and kisir….the meze delight both the eye and the palate.